Caring for your McLaren

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well during these unprecedented times. We are in this together and by keeping our distance, we can all take care of our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we have been working hard on ways to assist you when our showrooms re-open, because we understand that your vehicle has been standing for an extended period of time.


If your vehicle’s battery is flat, we will offer a complimentary battery charging service. Our technician will come out to you to charge your McLaren’s battery and run a diagnostics test.


A quality check and FREE car wash when you visit our showroom after lockdown. We will do a complimentary quality check to ensure that your McLaren is in good working order and safe for you to enjoy on the road again. While with us, we will treat it to a professional car wash.

We also wanted to share with you some important information on how to care for your McLaren and keep it healthy while not on the road. All items listed can be delivered to your home address and at your convenience. 


McLaren Car Covers

In order to keep your McLaren paint and bodywork in the best condition, it is recommended that a McLaren all-weather car cover is used when the car is in storage.

R 10 807.22 Ex VAT

McLaren Tyre Cradles

If your McLaren is in storage for a prolonged period, your car should be moved periodically to avoid ‘flat spots’ on the tyre casings or placed on Tyre Cradles.

R 10 044.00 Ex VAT

McLaren Battery Conditioner

When storing your McLaren, the McLaren Battery Conditioner should be connected to maintain battery charge and avoid low voltage faults.

R 8 382.00 Ex VAT

If you are interested in any of the accessories above, please simply contact us using the details below.

Lastly, if you have a 2018 registered McLaren, it is time to renew your warranty, so feel free to contact us on the details below, our aftersales team are available remotely and will be happy to assist you.

Tyron Wilde/ Aftersales Manager

+27 82 455 3833 or

*limited in stock items available. Orders may be placed for post  lockdown delivery. 

*Ts & Cs Apply.