Daytona Direct

Class never goes out of fashion, and with that in mind Daytona Direct strives to be the number one destination to invest in a pre-owned luxury vehicle.

When a pre-owned vehicle enters the Daytona Direct showroom, it is more than just a used car, it is a luxury item that is ready to become a prized possession. Every Daytona Direct certified pre-owned vehicle is rigorously inspected to make sure it meets the standards of even the most demanding customer. Every aspect of the vehicle is given a full-service check and meets Daytona’s stringent criteria before it can even be considered to join the Daytona Direct family on the showroom floor.

At Daytona Direct's Melrose Arch showroom a selection of pre-owned vehicles is always available; whether it be from one of the staple brands of Rolls-Royce or McLaren, the Aston Martin Timeless range or a vast range of luxury and super cars from other respected brands.