• Global public debut of Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Landspeed Collection
  • Bespoke expressions of full product portfolio presented to the public
  • Collection presented on Festival’s Laundry Green


Visitors attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed will experience the global public debut of the Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Landspeed Collection. Recently announced, the Landspeed Collection celebrates achievement, innovation and courage, commemorating the tremendous records set by British engineer, Captain George Eyston, in Thunderbolt, which was powered by two Rolls-Royce R V12 aero engines.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Landspeed Collection will take to the hillclimb up to four times a day in the exclusive ‘First Glance’ showcase. Further demonstrating Black Badge’s agility, a Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge will join the cars in the ‘Michelin Supercar Run’. Both motor cars can be viewed in the Supercar Paddock between their scheduled high-speed outings.

Displayed on the Festival’s Laundry Green, adjacent to Goodwood House, will be a selection of Bespoke commissions – comprising Phantom, Ghost, Dawn, Wraith and Cullinan – each an expression of an owner’s aesthetic sensibilities and of the marque’s peerless craftsmanship.



The Wraith Black Badge Landspeed Collection is presented with a specially created two-tone finish that provides a visual cue to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where Eyston pursued his record-breaking endeavours between 1937 and 1938. This remarkable Collection Car is presented in a specially created two-tone finish, which marries Black Diamond Metallic with a Bespoke Bonneville Blue hue. This specially developed colour bears particular significance to the Collection, with a colour that transitions under sunlight from light blue to silver, illustrating the reflections of both the vast sky over Bonneville and the crisp salt flats on Thunderbolt’s aluminium body.

Inside, the fissured texture of the Salt Flats is reproduced in the engraved fascia, while fine perforations on the steering wheel and driver’s seat mimic the dark line painted onto the stark white surface used to guide Eyston during his record runs. The Starlight Headliner precisely depicts the night sky on 16 September 1938, when Eyston set his third and final land-speed record of 357.497 mph. Silhouettes of his car, Thunderbolt, and its three record-breaking speeds are laser-engraved on the front tunnel. Just 35 examples of the Wraith Black Badge Landspeed Collection will be built.


Phantom will rightly assume pride of place in Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke space, honouring its status as the marque’s flagship. This highly contemporary commission commands attention with its Silver Haze exterior, while black detailing darkens key portions of the brightwork – most notably the B-pillar, window surrounds and the vertical bars of the iconic Pantheon Grille.

For the interior, an imposing black colourway is applied to the headliner, doors, fascia and carpets – contrasted by Cashmere Grey panels on the seats and doors, alongside Charles Blue accents for the seat piping and linings of the door pockets. Phantom affords a unique opportunity to present an artwork in the Gallery, seamlessly accommodated within the fascia for its commissioning patrons to enjoy. A Carbon Veil Gallery, designed by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective, takes inspiration from the angular, stealth-like shape of fighter jets, forging it into a design of pure and uncompromising menace. This aesthetic was then applied to Phantom’s Gallery – fulfilling Rolls-Royce’s ambition to introduce sharp, angular objects into the vehicle’s interior with a bold, creative confidence.


The most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet, the new Ghost is the latest iteration of the most successful product in the marque’s storied 117-year history.

The exterior’s clean and simple form provides the perfect canvas for the Submariner Blue surface finish, a deep hue, applied for the first time to a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Dark 21-inch ‘Shadow’ part-polished wheels give added presence and ensure the chrome window surround for the glasshouse becomes a stand-out visual signature. Inside, Grace White leather reinforces this refined aesthetic, while Navy Blue on the secondary panels of the seats, steering wheel, lambswool carpet, seatbelts and stitching details echo the exterior hue. Spanning the fascia and topping the centre console between the front seats is Circassian Walnut with a rich open-pore texture that introduces a natural aura to Ghost’s contemporary cabin.



Dawn, an emblem of spontaneity, is presented in a Verde Ermes, a deep Bespoke shade of green. The flanks of its bold coachwork are underscored by 21-inch wheels rendered in Anthracite Grey – a feature also recalled on the motor car’s sleek black bonnet. An Aero Cowling transforms this Dawn into a two-seat roadster, encouraging the eye into its Casden Tan interior. The aesthetic is resolved in a two-tone steering wheel, Black with Casden Tan.


Designed with more torque, control and power, Rolls-Royce Black Badge is for those who reject conformity and dare to be different. Since its introduction, more dynamic patrons of luxury have responded by pushing the boundaries of the marque’s bold alter-ego through their own Bespoke commissions. For this year’s Festival of Speed, Rolls-Royce presents two new powerful creations, inspired by its clients’ desires.

Since its launch in 2018, Cullinan has embarked on a remarkable Bespoke journey. The Bespoke Collective of designers, craftspeople and engineers have, and continue to, bring the visions and desires of the marque’s discerning patrons to life. A unique Black Badge Cullinan has been curated in recognition of this journey.

The commission reconciles the unparalleled notions of utility, power and effortlessness that Black Badge Cullinan embodies. Presented in a dramatic Iced Magma Red hue, the signature Black Badge design flourishes, including a Spirit of Ecstasy in high-gloss dark chrome, blackened exterior brightwork, and exclusive 22-inch part-polished Black Badge wheels, embolden the exterior aesthetic.

The red theme is carried through to the interior, where Mugello Red is contrasted against black seating details, carpets and a Shooting Starlight headliner. The two-tone treatment is also applied to the Viewing Suite.

The second Black Badge model on display is a Wraith, its Iced Premiere Silver coachwork creates an almost monochromatic effect alongside the dark chrome Spirit of Ecstasy and 21-inch Black Badge wheels. In contrast, the interior colour treatment incorporates the marque’s vivid Mugello Red highlights.

Additional Rolls-Royce motor cars attending the Festival of Speed include a Black Badge Cullinan as a Festival Course Safety Car and a Ghost as a Courtesy Car.





Wraith Black Badge:
NEDCcorr (combined) CO2 emission: 367 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.5 mpg / 16.1 l/100km; WLTP (combined) CO2 emission: 370-365 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.2-17.4 mpg / 16.4-16.2 l/100km

NEDCcorr (combined) CO2 emission: 329-328 g/km; Fuel consumption: 19.5-19.6 mpg / 14.5-14.4 l/100km; WLTP (combined) CO2 emission: 356-341 g/km; Fuel consumption: 18.0-18.8 mpg / 15.7-15.0 l/100km

NEDCcorr (combined) CO2 emission: 343g/km; Fuel consumption: 18.8 mpg / 15.0 l/100km. WLTP (combined) CO2 emission: 347-359g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.9-18.6 mpg / 15.2-15.8 l/100km

NEDCcorr (combined): CO2 emission: 372-367 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.3-17.5 mpg / 16.3-16.1 l/100km. WLTP (combined): CO2 emission: 381-372 g/km; Fuel consumption: 16.7-17.1 mpg / 16.9-16.5 l/100km

Black Badge Cullinan:
NEDCcorr (combined) CO2 emission: 341 g/km; Fuel consumption: 18.8 mpg / 15.0 l/100km; WLTP (combined) CO2 emission: 377-355 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.0-18.1 mpg / 16.62-15.6 l/100km



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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BMW Group and is a completely separate company from Rolls-Royce plc, the manufacturer of aircraft engines and propulsion systems. Over 2,000 skilled men and women are employed at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ head office and manufacturing plant at Goodwood, West Sussex, the only place in the world where the company’s super-luxury motor cars are hand-built.

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